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Mostly asked question:

What is the difference between the detachable door camera comparing to a low-cost battery-operated Digital LCD Monitor Door Peephole Viewer?


Answer: a battery-operated Digital LCD Monitor Door Peephole Viewer has following disadvantages:

· Running out of battery very fast, you have to buy new battery or recharge the battery very often.

· The LCD monitor has to be mounted and fixed on door. You have to go to door to see what happened.  It is not convenient for elderly person, and kids.

· When it is not working you may not know it is due to out-of-battery or camera damaged

· When its camera broken, you have to take the LCD monitor and camera out and just left an empty door hole on the door for fixing.

A battery-operated Digital LCD Monitor Door Peephole Viewer running out of battery fast and producing noisy ring sound












1. Advantages of using a Detachable Door Camera as a home door surveillance system comparing to a standalone battery-operated door camera


· Flexible and Detachable: This device can fit any doors with a door thickness ranging from 3 cm to 5.5 cm and only need a small door hole with a diameter of 1/2” (=12mm) or 9/16” (=14 mm) for the top-quality peephole viewer.  Once installed the detachable door camera you can plug and unplug the door camera from the peephole viewer easily without any effort.  If there is a power shut down in your house, you may just take the door camera out from the peephole viewer, and keep using the top-quality peephole to view outside.

· Quality 800TVL Camera: The door viewer is implemented with optical calibrated lens to match a high quality Sony Brand color CCD camera.  Both NTSC and PAL version of cameras available, we ship camera to you based on country TV standard. 

· Complete Kit with Cheap Price: Cables, DC Power Adapter, and Connectors are all included in one package.  Everything is ready for you to install and connect it to a TV or Monitor directly as shown in the following wiring graph.  No need to shopping around for finding additional accessories.

· Easy Expandable to Various Surveillance Systems:  You can connect the door viewer camera output to a TV/Monitor directly or connect it to other devices (such as a DVR, a PC with a video converter, or a WiFi video transceiver for smartphone viewing) set up your own home surveillance system



2. How to configure a model number for your door?  Please check following Model # construction.


Firstly, please make sure the door thickness is less than 52mm.    If door thickness is more than 52mm, please contact seller for other possible solutions.



Example:  You have a 45mm thick white-color door with a door knob at left-hand side and an existing door hole ~12mm.   You like to see your front door  with a LCD monitor.

We would suggest a 190 viewing angle Silver color Peephole viewer for the left-hand door with a white color camera case, and a 7” LCD monitor.,  the model matching your would be Model No. : C190L– W– LCD.


The Model: C190L-W-LCD system diagram is shown in the following graph.



3. Steps for selecting a model match your need


a.) Decide the peephole viewer color . Available colors: Brass (B), Silver Chrome (C), Dark Black (D)


b.) Check the door hole diameter is 1/2” (12mm) or 9/16” (14mm). 

If the door hole diameter is 12mm, you can select a peephole with a viewing angle 160 degrees or 190 degrees,

If the door hole diameter is about 14 mm, you have to select a peephole viewer with a viewing angle 200 degrees.

For other door diameter size, please email seller for details


c.) Select door camera direction, available direction:   Right-Hand door ( R), Left-hand door (L), Bottom direction (B)


d.) Check the color of door camera case matching your door.  Available colors: white (default color), black, silver, and beige


e.) Optional : adding any other additional accessory such as 7” LCD Monitor, IP DVR, USB DVR, or WiFi Video transceiver  , etc.                   

4. Ordering


For buying a detachable door camera, please click our on-line shopping store  here  >> Detachable Door Camera Link

Please read our web information for Where to Buy?     How to pay?


You may email us for any ordering.  We should replying within 1– 2 business days.